Manufacturers of the original high level hopper feed bin, dry animal feed storage solutions. Our life-changing, easy to use hopper feed bins are the revolutionising the way animal feed is stored in homes and commercial properties. We were born from the love of animal welfare.

We have provided The Tokyo Olympics and Britain's Royal Guard with horse feed hopper bins, but our products are not just for horse feed...


Looking to improve your tack room? Would you love the opportunity to store food for longer without the physical demand? My-Fifo are a family-run business in Somerset, providing the best solutions for storing animal feed. Our popular high level metal feed bin stores dry animal pellets and feed, offering protection against rodents, damp and rust. Start saving money, reducing waste and keeping food fresh!


Say goodbye to feeding vermin buffets, heavy lifting and fragile bins!

Keep your animal feed fresh with our revolutionary hopper bin. The 'first in, first out' process method...


We don't just sell storage, our

anti-tip feeding troughs are the perfect way to cater for smaller, feathered friends by reducing waste and keeping them safe...


Who are My-Fifo? The story began 1990's with the reinvented animal feed storage bin. Bringing an eco-solution for the home, stables, retail, farm, yard and sanctuarys...

"Our feed bin makes feeding time

an easy and painless task."

The Journey of the products

Our bespoke, metal animal food storage bin started in our home to feed horses and dogs, but we soon realised that our friends, people and animals nationwide could benefit...

"The high level hopper bin saves money and

helps keep our animal feed fresh!"


Time to save your money, reduce the waste and keep food fresh

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Save money,  Reduce waste &  Keep food fresh

Use the  FIRST IN FIRST OUT  method

We manufacture pet food bins, metal feed storage solutions like dog feed bins and horse feed bins for animal lovers like you. Born from the love of animal welfare and family values, based in Wiltshire and Somerset. Brilliant for catteries, kennels, liveries, garden centers - commercial and private livestock farms.

at My-Fifo UK we supply the perfect size feeding troughs. Made from locally sourced materials, the stainless grade will be highly resistant to rust. The edges are safety rolled and the troughs are designed to prevent the edges being perched on by small animals such as chickens, ducks, geese and all birds. More can be found at

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