Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How effective are the My-Fifo bins at protecting against vermin?

A. My-Fifo bins are designed to keep feed off floor-level and have been built to give 100% protection against rats and other vermin, stopping them from getting to the feed and making a mess in your store room. They are extremely effective and is a key feature of the design - say goodbye to thieving pests!

Q. Will the bins be suitable for my flooring?

A. The adjustable feet make the feed bins easy for standing on any floor type, indoors or outdoors! Concrete, grass, carpet, gravel...


Q. How does the magnetic lift & stay feature work?

A. This simply allows the lower lid to remain open. It leaves both hands free to scoop out feed from your bin and prevents injury from lid dropping whilst in use, with two strong magnets. Once full, the feed bin lid will remain in place if lifted up.

Q. What materials are used and are they safe?

A. All of our products are made from galvanised steel with stainless steel fixtures. The galvanised finish means the steel is resistant to rust. It is still perfectly safe for storing all types of dry feed, both for humans and animals! It is important that whatever storage container is used, you must clean it to remove any residue. If you are finding this residue, you may consider our Mini feed storage bin, as the food is not being used frequently enough. We can provide a quote for food grade steel which is used throughout the catering industry.

Q. What is the capacity of the bins?

A. The Mini (formerly 'the 300') is 85 Ltrs - stores approx 1.5 bags of horse nut mix)

The Standard (formerly 'the 500') is 125 Ltrs - stores approx. 2.5 bags

The Large (formerly 'the 800') is 240 Ltrs - stores approx. 4 bags




Q. How do the dividers work?

A. The dividers are simple to use and can come pre-installed on your request. Adding a divider will mean you can store other feed types in the same bin. We recommend adding one in the Standard bin, and up to four in the Large bin.

Q. How does the secure latch work?

A. We can attach a padlockable catch on the lower lid. This option is sometimes favourable within shared feed rooms. The padlock is not supplied but can be added on our Order page soon.


Q. How long does it take to deliver My-Fifo products?

A. We process orders within 24 hours of receiving payment. Feeding troughs will be despatched within 2 days. Feed bins will be despatched within 10 days. We will keep you informed of the delivery date - this will depend on the location.

Q. Will the order be tracked?

A. There is a tracking service for your order which will be sent to you via email, after your order has been processed.


Q. Are the feed bins delivered flat pack? Is there any assembly?

A. The main body is complete and ready for use - only the stand requires some basic assembly. You will require a cross headed screwdriver and the whole assembly should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Full, easy to follow instructions are provided.

Are the feed troughs delivered flat pack? Is there any assembly?

A. No assembly is required for our feeding troughs. They are assembled and packed for delivery to turn up at your door ready to go!

Contacting us

Q. How can I contact you? Is there a telephone number?

A. The easiest way to contact us is via email. We will reply within 24 hrs, and are happy to call via telephone if this is preferred.

Question still not answered?

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